How Dogs can Assist with Health

Therapeutic Visitation Dogs

There are many types of assistance dogs and some of them help with mental health issues like depression or PTSD. These dogs are chosen for their temperaments and are specially trained to assist their owners. Just being near dogs, and having a close and non-judgmental friend like a dog, is beneficial to someone with depression. A cheerful dog wagging its tail in greeting, makes most people smile, and this is a part of a dog’s character that will help to lighten up the mood of any owner with depression.

The dog needs feeding, walking and usually wants to be close to their owner. This involvement and need to look after the dog gives the owner a purpose. They need to take the dog for a walk and will meet other people. The dog will be trained by reputable training organisations to look after their owner and can be trained not to let other people get uncomfortably close, so the vulnerable person has a dog which gives them assurance when going out. Many people who suffer depression become reclusive and afraid to go out and meet people. The owner will gain more confidence in social settings, and a [helpful website:here will give more information. Daily looking after a dog, helps the owner to keep to a routine and plan their day.

Dog walking can also involve playtime with the dog. Dogs always appreciate walking and exercise. Playing ball, fetch games, and watching the dog enjoy themselves rolling in the grass are some of the fun parts of having a dog. Bathing the dog is usually a lot of fun as they like the attention and grooming. They love to play with toys indoors, at home or when out in the garden or on a country walk. A dog will always be ready to play games.

Walking for Relaxation and Healing

Fresh air and exercise are good for the dog and the owner. Physical health for the owner will improve with the walks. When physical health improves it has a knock-on effect on how you feel which can only improve the state of mind. Going for walks in parks or where there is nature; greenery, trees, flowers, etc., is very relaxing and it has been found to aid healing both mentally and physically in some people. To have these walks regularly, we need a purpose to go out walking and having to walk the dog does provide this purpose. If we don’t need to go out for any reason, like shopping, then we just don’t walk anywhere. Walking a dog is a pleasurable pursuit, and doesn’t involve the hectic and sometimes stressful walks like getting to work or appointments on time and shopping in crowded places. The dog will have been fully trained by an assistance organisation to walk with their owner and to respond to their owner at all times.