Symptoms That May Indicate Your Dog Is Unwell

Animal-Assisted Therapy Dogs

Experienced dog owners know that dogs have a specific body language which is very expressive. Dogs will instinctively express signs that you as an owner should pick up and know there is something wrong with your canine. For the new owners, the following are few signs you should look out for.

Personality Change

When a dog is unwell, it will start displaying some behaviour change, which will occur abruptly. It will begin showing some social withdrawal, and those playful ones will show some sluggishness. Be attentive when they start growling when you touch a specific part of their body; this could be a sign they are not well. Other dogs will show signs of increased neediness of following or cuddling with you. If this is unusual, take action and visit a vet.

Sudden Weightless

Gradual weight loss may not be something to concern yourself too much, but you should take action when the dog sheds some weight unexpectedly. The weight loss may occur without other signs and symptoms being prevalent, and for this reason, these signs may take you weeks to notice. Therefore if you have not put your dog on a diet and it loses weight, it is essential to get a vet involved.

Respiratory Symptoms

Nasal discharge, coughing, wheezing, and any other respiratory issue is an undeniable sign. It is essential to check their tongues and gums when you experience the above symptoms on your dog. If the tongue and the gums are bluish, the dog’s life might be in danger, and emergency care is required.

Loss of Appetite

When your dog refuses to eat or drink, that is a sign that something is wrong. Every dog has a different eating habit where one day they eat more and on other days they eat less. If your dog eats smaller portions than usual or downright refuses to eat, that is a sign that the pet is unwell.