Welcome to Corinne Brown, Canine Bowen Therapist Thorganby

Corinne Brown, Canine Bowen Therapist ThorganbyHello I’m Corinne Brown, and I'm a Canine Bowen therapist in Thorganby.

If you would like a holistic approach for your dog then maybe Bowen could help.

Holistic means we don’t set out to treat specific conditions or ailments in the dog but the body is treated as a whole. We don’t diagnose conditions, prescribe or alter medication. Canine Bowen is complementary to and not a substitute for conventional veterinary care. You do need your vet’s consent before I can treat your dog and you can download a veterinary consent form from my website.

I have been a Bowen therapist since 2002 and a Canine Bowen therapist since 2007.  I now put all my effort into treating dogs as helping animals is my passion.

I find it so rewarding to see a dog moving more freely and enjoying life again. Even if it’s an old dog Bowen can still help; Bowen can’t make an old dog young again but it can improve its quality of life.

I can treat your dog at my home in Thorganby or come to your home where your dog might be more relaxed.

For more information or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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